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User Level Upload Page Branding

Design Theme and Logo: Each user's upload page automatically receives the organization level design theme template, colors, and business logo. Users cannot over-ride this for individual user pages.

Name and Contact Information: Each user level upload page also gets the same contact information (address, phone, fax) as the organization. The name defaults to what the organization has set for the user.

The individual user may change their contact information if needed, such as, if they are located at a branch office.

The individual user may also update their name if desired.

To change the contact information and name, use these instructions.


Each user may upload their individual photo. Uploading a photo typically helps connect better with clients.

The photo must be uploaded by each user (a user with brand manager permissions cannot upload photos for other users).

To upload your photo: 

  1. Go to "My Upload Page" under your Encyro account.
  2. Click the Upload Photo button. You will be prompted to select a photo image file.
    • While no particular size is required, a portrait orientation photo, or a square photo, are recommended. These appear better than landscape orientation photos on your folder in your contacts' views.
    • Your organization may have recommendations or requirements regarding your photograph, such as to use professional portraits, casual field photos, office pictures, or no photos.
    • Most image file formats are supported. JPEG/JPG format is recommended. 
  3. Once you select a photo, it will be automatically uploaded. You will see a preview in the photo area. You may use the Upload Photo button again to change your photo or the Delete Photo button to remove it.
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