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Encyro Status

This page provides updates regarding interruptions to Encyro's website and online service (accessed through other applications such as the Encyro addons for Outlook or Gmail).

Status: This is currently no outage or service degradation in progress. 

No outage or degradation events have been noted in the past 24 hours.

Recent History

On Saturday, Aug 27, we had an email-only degradation, between 11am and 6pm. 

  • Encyro services (website, addons) and related email notifications were NOT affected. 
  • The communications through our Support website ( were NOT affected. 
  • However, if you were in touch with our staff via their direct email address, or sent a plain email (non-encrypted) to our info@ group, then those emails may not have been delivered. If you have not received a response in the expected time, please re-send your email. This is only for emails that you sent on Saturday, Aug 27. 

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