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What custom branding can I add?

Your branding shows up on multiple touch points when you use your Encyro account to securely communicate with your contacts. The key places where your brand elements show up are:

  1. Your upload page showcases your business logo (if provided), business name, contact information, photo (if provided) and your colors (matched to your logo). The exact appearance depends on which design theme you select and your logo. The picture below shows a sample.
  2. Secure messages sent by you show up with your photo, name and business name.
  3. Your folder, as seen by clients when logged in to their Encyro account, shows your photo, name and business name.
  4. Your contact card, when someone else is composing an Encyro secure message to you.
  5. Your upload page path: You can set "yourbusinessname" to reflect your brand. 
    • You could match it to your website name.
    • If you maintain social pages on LinkedIn or Facebook, we recommend that you use the same name as you use on your LinkedIn profile ( and your Facebook page (
  6. Email Notifications: When your clients receive an email notification regarding your secure message
    • the email body shows your name and business name
    • the email subject shows your name and business name
    • the "From" name (typically shown in the inbox view and above the email) shows your name and business name. Since the email is actually sent by Encyro, the From email address (not name) is Encyro's email address. The Reply-to address is yours, so any replies do get directed to you.

The following pictures show the sample inbox entry, subject line and email body when viewed in Outlook.

From name and subject line:

Email body:

Brand Elements

At the very least add your name or business name. If your name and business name are the same, enter either one. If you enter only one of the name or business name, the available value will be used where needed but will not be repeated.

Ideally, to take advantage of the full branding capabilities shown above, you should add your:

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Business Logo (this also lets you match your upload page colors to your logo)
  • Photo
  • Address
  • Phone number (if you want it displayed on your upload page)
  • Fax (if you want it displayed on your upload page)
  • Select your upload page design from the templates offered on your upload page settings.

All these elements can be added on your upload page settings. For detailed instructions, see: Custom Branding.

(Encyro Pro membership is required to add custom branding. Encyro Essentials members can add their name and contact information but not other elements such as business logo, colors, and photo.)

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