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My client is being forced to login, why?

I was told they wouldn’t need to log in, have an account, or need a password to access what I send to them. But when I send them an Encyro message, and they click the email link, they are shown the login screen. Why? Why does the email notification regarding my secure message not have a link to access without signup?

Your clients can receive without having to login unless you or they previously chose not to. They will be required to login in the following cases:

  • your recipient previously created a password to protect their messages and files, or
  • your compliance settings prevent them to access data without a password.

Account Exists

They previously created an Encyro password/account. For instance, you (or some other Encyro user) may have sent them a secure message and at that time the recipient may have chosen to sign up for an Encyro account. Sometimes recipients forget that they signed up. In this case, if prompted to login, they should click the "Forgot Your Password" link on the login screen. 

  • If they had previously signed in with Google or Facebook, they should do the same again.
  • If they no longer have access to the Google or Facebook account they used earlier, they would need to sign up for an Encyro account (with the same email address as before). When they sign up, they will receive an email message  with a link to confirm their account.

The account exists situation can happen when you send a secure message to yourself just to test out the service. In such a case, send the test message to a different email address, which has not yet been used to signup with Encyro. You may also see: How Will My Contacts Receive My Secure Messages or How Do I Open an Encyro Message I Received.

Compliance Settings

You enabled compliance settings. One of the options under compliance settings is to no longer allow your recipients to receive without a password. Make sure that you have not activated that setting.

  1. Go to your Encyro account settings
  2. Scroll down to "Compliance: HIPAA, GDPR..." and click it to open the compliance settings area.
  3. Either compliance enabled should say "NO", or if you do need compliance to be enabled make sure that "Allow others to receive my messages with temporary access links" is checked. 

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