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My folders seem to have disappeared!

My folders and messages are no longer there. All my folders are gone!

It is likely that you are logged in with a different account. For instance, you may have sent a test message to another email address of yours and then accessed that message. In the process you may have logged in to the other account. When you login to a different account, your previous account is automatically logged out of. 

To check which account you are logged in with, click the circular icon with your initials in the top right corner. It will show you the email address you are logged in with.

To simultaneously login with two accounts, use two different browsers, or use one browser window in normal mode and  another browser window in private/incognito mode.

To start a new browser window in private mode, see browser specific instructions below:

Once you start a different browser or a private mode window for the same browser, you can login to a different Encyro account from that. You can use this trick for logging in to two different accounts at the same time with most online services including your bank's website, Gmail, and others.

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