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Business Logo and My Photo

Adding your business logo is highly recommended. Adding a logo helps in the following ways:

  • Improve your upload page appearance.
  • Improve the appearance of the notifications emails sent to your recipients regarding your secure messages.
  • Improve the appearance of the message display page for your recipients.
  • Allow your upload page design template, email notifications, and message display pages that automatically take on the colors to match your logo (read more about automated matching).


The Logo upload is available on "Settings" under your Encyro account. Click on "Brand, Upload Page" and then "Logo." 

Then click "Upload Image." You will then be able to browse your computer and select an image file. PNG and JPEG/JPG formats are recommended (do not upload SVG or Adobe Illustrator files). 

The uploaded logo will be shown below the Upload Image and Delete Image buttons.


  • We recommend using a clear image that is easy to read or view when displayed at about 50 pixels tall. Text in fine letters and small font may be hard to read at this size.
  • If the image file has extra white space around the actual logo, remove (crop) that from the image before uploading it. This allows the logo itself to be displayed larger. 
  • A specific size is not required and your upload page will not distort the image by stretching it in one dimension. You could use a square or a rectangular image. 
  • Feel free to contact us for help with your logo image file, especially if it does not display well on your upload page.

If you do not have a logo image, your upload page will still work, and it will not show a missing logo icon or placeholder. 


The photo upload option appears next to the logo upload area, and works in a similar manner. We recommend using a portrait orientation photo (i.e. a photo that is more tall than it is wide) as it looks better with more of the upload page design themes, though a square or landscape orientation will also work.

Your photo could be a professional head shot, an office photo, a photo of your entire team, or other business photo that you wish to display on your upload page.

Since your photo also appears on your folder displayed to your contacts in their Encyro accounts, we recommend uploading a photo. However, the upload page and other areas will work well even without a photo and a blank placeholder will not be shown in its place.

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