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  • Send and Receive Secure Files and Messages

    Quickly share files and messages securely with others, even if they do not have an Encyro account.

  • Import Clients

    Existing clients work with Encyro! Import clients so you can search contacts, and send with one click.

  • Membership and Free Trial

    Try Encyro with a free trial, without any risk. No credit card or commitment required. Cancel your trial anytime from yo

  • Showcase Your Brand

    Quickly add your business logo, business name and see your brand highlighted on your upload page, on your folder in clie

  • Toubleshooting

    Common errors, often due to issues outside of Encyro's control.

  • Send Secure

    Send securely without asking your recipient to sign up for an account, exchange a key or pass-code, install software or

  • Receive Secure

    When you make it easy for clients to send you securely, they are less likely to email you sensitive information.

  • Mobile Uploads: Photo/Scan

    Its super easy to securely send/receive a picture of a document, filled out form, insurance card, voided check, or other

  • Data Backup and Security

    Your data is secured with multiple layers of protection, and backed up at distant locations to safeguard against major e

  • File and Folder Organization

    Customize the automatic organization of files and messages to suit your needs better. Upload files directly to a contact

  • Overview

    Learn how electronic signatures can speed up your workflows, while saving you time and money.

  • Send E-Sign Requests

    Learn how to easily send e-sign requests, save templates, setup reminders, configure access codes and other e-sign optio

  • Sign or Fill an Encyro E-Sign Request

    Learn how to sign an electronic signature request that you received.

  • Getting Started

    Installation instructions and sending your first secure message from within Outlook.

  • Read Received, Reply, Reply-all, Forward

    Read your secure messages within Outlook. Notifications of secure messages received are automatically converted to the d

  • Troubleshooting

    Something not working as expected? Here are some common issues and solutions.

  • Update To Latest Version

    Get instructions and download links to update your Encyro Outlook Addin to the latest version.

  • Getting Started

    Installation, usage, and differences from the Encyro Addin for Outlook.

  • Compliance: General

    Questions related to compliance settings.

  • US: Healthcare (HIPAA)

    Use Encyro to help comply with HIPAA HITECH rules, reduce your business data risk, and make secure health data easier fo

  • US: Financial Services

    Meet Gramm Leach Bliley (GLBA) Act, FINRA, IRS Pub 4557, SEC, PCI-DSS and other financial data security obligations.

  • US: NIST and Other

    Meet NIST 800-171 and other regulatory data privacy and security requirements.

  • EU, UK, Switzerland: GDPR, DPA

    Comply with the GDPR and equivalent data protection requirements in the European region.

  • Setup and Branding

    Showcase your brand in your secure communications with clients.

  • Client Retention

    Quick tips to increase client retention without burdening your clients with portal signup and new accounts.

  • Assisted Setup

    Encyro can help you get a business logo, discuss integrations with your workflows, and help you get started with custom

  • Affiliate Program

    Will your audience benefit from secure data sharing and helping keep their sensitive data private? We pay generously for

  • Miscellaneous

    More help topics from Encyro!

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