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Will emails to my contacts show my name or Encyro?

Email notifications sent to your clients regarding your secure messages will show your name (and business name) in the "From" field. This is the name shown by most email applications on the desktop, mobile devices and on the web) as the sender's name.

The "From" email address will be Encyro's (because the email is actually sent by Encyro) but most email clients show the name (not the email address) prominently. 

The picture below shows how Gmail shows the From (sender) information in the inbox:

And when the email message is opened, the sender appears as:

As you can see the sender name is visible, and not Encyro's email address.

The "Reply-to" field on these emails is set to your name and your email address. So any replies are directed to you.

Emails sent from Encyro directly such as to reset a forgotten password or to confirm email after a user signs up show Encyro as the sender.

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