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Instructions for my Contacts To Receive My Secure Messages

How can I provide instructions to my recipients on how to open my encrypted messages that I send using Encyro? Do you have help files for my recipients? Do you have a cheat sheet for my recipients?

You can provide instructions to your recipients using one of the following options:

  1. Point them to the instructions on our help and support website: How to Open Your Secure Message.
  2. Download these printable cheat-sheets and share with your clients or recipients, such as over email, giving them as handouts in your office, or posting in your waiting area: 

We recommend that you send the cheat sheet or the instructions link using regular email (not within your first secure message to a recipient), so that the recipient knows how to open the secure message when they get it.

The cheat sheets above use an example logo and business name. If you wish to create a cheat sheet with your logo, please contact us and we will share the source PowerPoint file to add your logo and names.



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