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Can I login to two Encyro accounts at the same time?

To simultaneously login with two accounts, use two different browsers, or use one browser window in normal mode and  another browser window (not a tab) in private/incognito mode.

To start a new browser window in private mode, see browser specific instructions below:

On mobile devices:

Once you start a different browser or a private mode window for the same browser, you can login to a different Encyro account from that. 

You can also use this trick for logging in to two different accounts at the same time with most online services including your bank's website, Gmail, and others.

Simultaneous login using Google/Facebook account and using Encyro Password:

In some cases you may receive an error that you are logged in using a different account when in fact the other account also has the same email address. This happens when you login simultaneously (in two different browser tabs), using "Continue with Google" (or Facebook) in one and your Encyro username and password in the other.

If this happens, simply logout and login again. You may use either the Google/Facebook login or your password based login but not both at the same time.

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